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Libby Volunteer Fire Department 119 East 6th Street
P.O. Box 796
Libby, Mt 59923
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Our Locations

  • Station 1: 119 East 6th Street
  • Station 2: 180 River Run Lane N Hwy 37
  • Station 3: 38137 US Hwy 2 S
  • Station 4: 94 Bobtail Road

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  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 796
  • Phone: 406-293-9217
  • Fax: 406-293-3219
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Make a difference, become part of our team!

Do you have what it takes to become a volunteer firefighter and provide a valuable service to Libby and the surrounding communities?

Our team of volunteers is always looking for aspiring men and women to protect the lives and properties of their neighbors in time of emergency. Please stop by our station located in downtown Libby to pick up an application and an information packet explaining the duties and requirements of becoming a Libby volunteer fire fighter.

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Our Mission Statement

The Libby Volunteer Fire Department is committed to the preservation and protection of life, property, and the environment from fire, disaster, and hazardous materials related incidents through emergency mitigation, public education, and code reinforcement.

Libby Volunteer Fire Department Proudly Serving Our Community since 1911!
Libby Volunteer Fire Department Volunteers
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BACK ROW: Paul Resch, Peter Crites, Dan Davis, Tim Kim, Jason Place, Eric Peterson, John Hibbs, Ryan Letts, Eric Uithof, Ryan Andreessen, Eric Stafford
MIDDLE ROW: Steve Lauer, Chad Gullingsrud, Kyle Keller, Gary Wood, Joe Wood, Brent Wood, Scott Beagle, Tom Wood
BOTTOM ROW: Jason Colcough, Dan Knapp, Neil Benson, Jason Sunell, Brian Hobday, Bryan Thompson, Ryan Carpenter

The history of the Libby Volunteer Fire Department dates back more than 100 years. It is both a rich and colorful past that remains an important part of the lives and history of Libby, Montana.

As a result of the lumber boom typical of the early 1900’s, Libby was experiencing a growth spurt that prompted the formation of the Libby Volunteer Fire Department in 1911. In response to fires, volunteers would rush to assist by forming bucket brigades. These men, all ready for action when a fire broke out, would line up to the nearest water source and pass buckets hand in hand to the fire, working relentlessly until the fire was extinguished.

Over the years, with increasing fires, the Libby Volunteer Fire Department became better organized leading to a numbering system starting in 1957. That year, the Lincoln County Rural Fire District #1 was formed. Up until this time the fire department was strictly a city-based operation. This expansion resulted in the department becoming a dual fire department with tax revenues from both districts providing a lucrative source for the majority of the funding needed for general operations.

Most notably, the Libby Volunteer Fire Department carries an ISO Fire Protection Class 3 rating with the Insurance Service Office, an independent, non-governmental international organization that collects and evaluates individual department’s fire suppression capabilities. Because of this rating, which is the best of any other volunteer fire department in the state of Montana, property owners benefit directly by receiving lower insurance premiums.

Libby Volunteer Fire Department 100th Anniversary
A tribute to all the firefighters, past and present, commemorating exemplary service for over 100 years!

The Libby Volunteer Fire Department has a legendary history dating back to its first meeting May 11, 1911 leading up to the department’s hallmark year celebrating a 100 year heritage in 2011. The Libby Volunteer Fire Department has been a cornerstone of community life, portraying an ethical character of professionalism, integrity, and compassion in all that they do.

Libby Volunteer Fire Department Annual Fund Drive

Beginning April 1st and lasting through June 1st of each year, the Libby Volunteer Fire Department hosts its annual fund drive to help meet its financial needs and budgetary obligations involving the daily operations of the department. Proceeds received from the sale of 500 tickets help your local fire department purchase supplies; fund firefighter training; meet building maintenance needs; pay utility, fuel, and insurance expenses; and equip firefighters with personal protective clothing and safety equipment. Twice a month throughout the year, a $100 winner will be drawn from the pool of ticket sales collected during the fund drive. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, you may do so by calling the fire hall directly at 406-293-9217.

We thank you so much for continuing to support your community volunteer fire department.

Congratulations to the winners of this quarter’s bi-monthly drawings.

  • October 14 – Bobby Gillespe
  • October 28 – Dick Wood
  • November 11 – Rick Gullingsrud
  • November 25 – Raelene Hayden
  • December 9 – TBD
  • December 23 – TBD